Meetings List for 2021

All Lectures to be held at Idle & Thackley Conservative Club, Malt Shovel Yard, Idle, BD10 8QB at 7.30pm

4th Jan           AGM
18th Jan         ‘Why Are There No Green Stars?’ Paul Money (via Zoom)
1st Feb            ‘Art And Astronomy’ Peter Reynolds BAS
15th Feb         ‘Out of The Darkness’ Dave Eagle, Bedford Astronomical Society
1st March       ‘Swept Under The Carpet: The Forgotten Story Of Astronomers Edward Crossley And Joseph Gledhill’ Martin Lunn
15th March    ‘Monster In The Crab’ Gary Poyner , Heart of England AS
29th March   ‘Observations Of Nearby Galaxies- Not Just Beautiful, But Also A Key To Their Formation’ Professor Michael Merrifield, Nottingham University
12th April      ‘Nobel Prize Winners In Cosmology’ John Waterhouse BAS
26th April     ‘Monitoring Our Hazardous Planet From Space’ Professor Tim Wright, Leeds University
10th May       ‘Musica Universalis’ -Kepler, Herschel And The Music Of The Spheres’ Dr Stephen Muir, Leeds University
24th May      ‘Two Eyes Are Better Than One’ Stephen Tonkin, Dark Skies Advisor And Sky At Night Magazine Columnist (via Zoom)
7th June        Members Evening
21st June      ‘Astrophotography; My Ongoing Journey’ Colin Dawson BAS
5th July         ‘The Far Side Of The Moon- Is It Just Aliens?’ Dr Julian Onions, Nottingham University
19th July       ‘The Life and Work of George Ellery Hale’ Rod Hine BAS
2nd August  ‘Asteroids, Comets and the Death of the Dinosaurs’ Martin Lunn
16th August ‘How Stars Work And Behave, Or Misbehave’ John Oldfield BAS
6th Sept        ‘How Astronomers Control Your Life’ Professor Brad Gibson, Hull University
20th Sept     ‘The Ancient Egyptians And Their Astronomy’ Dr Pauline Norris, Newtown Astronomy Society
4th Oct          ‘Murmurs of The Earth’ Andrew Lound
18th Oct        ‘Through the StarGate: Imaging with an alt az GoTo Telescope’ Paul Money 
1st Nov          ‘Astrophotography- A Practical Approach’ Philip Barker BAS
15th Nov       ‘The Science Of Star Wars’ Professor Martin Hendry, Glasgow University
29th Nov      ‘Black Holes’ Professor Jeff Foreshaw, Manchester University
13th Dec        Christmas Dinner
20th Dec       Christmas Quiz and Raffle

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