Meetings List for 2022

Lectures to be held at Idle & Thackley Conservative Club, Malt Shovel Yard, Idle, BD10 8QB at 7.30pm

3rd Jan         Bank Holiday- no meeting

17th Jan       ‘Where Next in Cosmology’ John Waterhouse BAS

31st Jan        ‘Constellations-From Mythology to the Present Day’ Mary McIntyre FRAS (via Zoom)

14th Feb        ‘Nightscape Photography in the Yorkshire Dales’ Pete Collins, Diamond Skies

28th Feb       ‘Historical Astronomical Instruments and How To Use Them’ Peter Reynolds BAS

14th March    AGM

28th March   ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ Dr Steve Barrett, University of Liverpool

11th April       ‘The Angular Momentum Problem- Why do Stars Rotate So Slowly?’ James Fradgeley FRAS (via Zoom)

25th April      ‘Wonders of the Southern Sky’ Professor Ian Morison, Jodrell Bank

9th May        ‘Supercool Astronomy’ Professor Ian Robson, Edinburgh University

23rd May      ‘Trials and Tribulations of Voyager’ Paul Money

6th June       Solar Observing and Members Evening

20th June     ‘What’s the Matter with Antimatter?’ Dr Susan Cartwright, Sheffield University

4th July         ‘Eta Carinae- Chance Encounter and Journey of Discovery’ Peter Rea, Cleethorpes Astronomy Society

18th July       ‘3D Photography and its Applications in Astronomy’ Anthony Jennings, Manchester Astronomical Society

1st August     ‘ The Next Big Thing’ Dr Sue Bowler, University of Leeds

15th August   ‘Crazy Interstellar Rockets’ Dr Julian Onions, Nottingham University

5th Sept         ‘The Future of Radio Astronomy’ Dr Megan Argo, UCLAN

19th Sept       ‘An Introduction to Asteroseismology’ Thomas Shutt, University of York

3rd Oct          ‘At the Gates of Vallhalle- The Aurora’ Andrew Lound

17th Oct        ‘The Universe- with Apple Pies and Dinosaur Wee’ Brian Jones BAS

31st Oct        ‘The Future of Cosmology’ John Waterhouse and BAS Cosmology Group

14th Nov       ‘Astronomy and Art- Universal Appeal?’ Prof Andy Newsam Liverpool John Moores University

28th Nov      ‘Ocean Worlds’ Dr David Benoit, University of Hull

12th Dec       Christmas Dinner (Pub)

19th Dec      Christmas Quiz and Raffle

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