Meetings List for 2019

All Lectures to be held at Eccleshill Library, Bolton Road, Bradford, BD2 4SR at 7.30pm

7th   Jan                   AGM followed by video

21st Jan                  ‘The Great American Eclipse – l Was There’ Ron Wilson BAS

4th   Feb                  ‘The First Astrophotographer’ Roy Gunson Swinton and Mexborough AS

18th Feb                  ‘Aperture Fever- Does My Mirror Look Big in This?’ Dr Julian Onions Nottingham University

4th   March             ‘Sputnik’ Catherine Waddington BAS

18th March             ‘How Big is Space?’ Neil Haggath

1st   April                Cosmology talk ‘The Size of the Universe’ John Waterhouse BAS

15th April               Meeting Cancelled

29th April               ‘Citizen Science’ Robert lnce

13th May               ‘The future of Spaceflight’ Andrew Lound

3rd   June               ‘Astronauts- The Challenges of Long Journeys’ Dr Martin Braddock Mansfield AS

17th June               Solar Observing Night

1st    July                ‘Blame lt On The Sunshine’ David Shepherd Bradford University

15th July                 ‘We Choose To Go To The Moon – Personal Recollections of the First Moon Landing’ Peter Rea

29th July                 ‘ls Earth Special?’ Dr Sue Bowler Leeds University

12th August            ‘Aids to Observing the Heavens’ Professor lan Morison Jodrell Bank

2nd  Sept                ‘Astronomy and Astrophotography’ Dave Bishop BAS

16th Sept                ‘A Brief History of Astrophotography’ Andrew Davies

30th Sept                ‘Discovery of New Worlds’ Andrew Lound

14th Oct                  ‘The Vikings at Barsoom Pt 2 – The Search for Life on Mars’ Paul Money

28th Oct                  Cosmology Group BAS – John Waterhouse and John Oldfield (Please Note: This meeting will take place at Idle & Thackley Conservative Club)

11th Nov                 ‘Astronomy, Time and GPS’ Tony Morris Mexborough and Swinton AS

25th Nov                 ‘Astronomical Scrapbook and A Guide to the Winter Night Sky’ Brian Jones BAS

9th   Dec                 ‘Near Earth Objects and the Risk of lmpact’ Peter Reynolds BAS

16th Dec                  Christmas Dinner

23rd Dec                 Christmas Quiz and Raffle

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For any further information please ring Hilary on 01274 672570 or contact Sue Stubbs